EasyHits4U is an exchange program traffic (traffic exchange) manual that addresses all those who want to promote your site/blog or referral link.

How it works?
Visit some sites in a surf bar and receive credit. For each site visited, get 1 credit (visitor) for site/blog or your referral link that you promote it.
Besides traffic, you can win money (30 cents for every 1,000 sites visited and 10 cents for every referral who visit over 100 sites). It can earn money (between 3 and 40 cents) and the bonuses that appear after a certain number of sites visited.

Guide for Easyhits4u

If you are not member, click here to register.

  • Adding site: Before you start "surfing" for credit, you must add a website. To add a site, click "My Sites" from the menu on the left.

On the page that was opened, it added the following information:

URL: Your Site.
Title: Site.
Geo Targeting: From here you can select the geographic location of visitors.
Show: How many times a day do you protect your site in the system.
Show: How many seconds to keep a visit to your site.

After clicking the "Submit Site", your confirmation page will appear.

  • How to earn credits: First, you must access the page surfing. Click on the green bar on the right "Start Surfing (1:1, 20 sec)"
On the same page will appear different sites which will need to visit for 20 seconds. After time has elapsed, you must click on the word or the correct answer from the image above:
* Beware bonuses (credits, im presii banners, vouchers surf and money) that appear after a certain number of surf sites (after 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 750, 1000 1500 and 2000).

  • Add Credits: Credits are added on the same page that you added to the site:
Is set as 30% of credits earned, it is automatically go to the website added. You can set as% of loans go automatically to the site of the "Account Info" to "Auto-Assign% (value can be between 30% and 100%).

The minimum payout is $ 3 in PayPal or Alertpay. A recent proof of payment: